Welcome to 2014! {And One Little Word}

Happy, Happy New Year! Today is officially the start of 2014 and I am more than ready for this year!

Celebrating NYE with my two favorite people!
2013 was a wonderful year - filled with more dreams come true than I can count! I began the year off in an amazing student teaching experience at Quincy High School, got engaged to the man of my dreams at the end of March and started wedding planning last spring, and then at the end of the summer accepted my dream job teaching history at Quincy High School.

I slowed down on blogging this fall, as I became immersed in the overwhelming world of first year teaching, but I am excited to dive back into blogging after a relaxing, and ultimately refreshing, winter break. 

This winter break, I caught up on sleeping, read some new books, and planned for the next month of school - through midterms and first semester finals at the end of January. I also cooked some delicious food and have established a meal plan and exercise plan to officially start to get in shape for the wedding. I also picked up my dress on December 26th - and I am more excited than ever to wear it in just 6 months!

To celebrate the new year last night, we went out to an unbelievably delicious dinner (at The Cottage in Chestnut Hill for locals!) and then came home to enjoy watching the ball drop - and getting to see Kathy Griffin handcuff herself to Anderson Cooper - who knew the duo could be so funny? You should also know that this picture perfectly sums up how excited Kathy was and how bewildered Anderson was at what was going on!

As 2014 begins, I have only one resolution: I resolve to celebrate each and every moment in this magical year. 

I turned this resolution into my one little word for 2014: CELEBRATE. Last year's word, BELIEVE, was a perfect word for 2013 - I believed in Josh, I believed in love, I believed in myself, I believed in the power I have to believe. But this year, in 2014, I want to celebrate Josh, I want to celebrate love, I want to celebrate each moment of this incredible journey of life.

As this new year begins, I wish each of you the very best and hope that your 2014 will be your best year yet!




  1. Happy New Year! That's a great woty! Mine was stretch last year...my thinking, my dollars, my body, my palate, etc.. Unfortunately, what resulted most was stretchy pants...yuck! Working on my word for this year. Stay tuned. ;-)

    Happy 2014!


  2. I don't know what that food photo is of but OMG I want it! Happy New Year Sara!


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