Updates & January To-Do List {Wedding Wednesday}

Happy Wedding Wednesday! It feels so great to be blogging regularly again - even if it has only been a week - but I'm even more excited to be talking wedding planning again on the blog! Things are picking up and moving right along! We've booked almost all of the big things - venue (with caterer), band, photographer, hotel block, rehearsal dinner and goodbye brunch - and we sent out our save the dates! Right now our big focus is on picking invitations and finding a florist. 

I recently made a month-by-month to do list, and I thought I'd share January's list today! This isn't a super intense list, but it's a general "things that I should do in this time" type of list. I'm sure I'll probably jump ahead and do other things and move some around, but this is a pretty solid picture of what I want to get done in January.

We've actually already booked Nash's stay while we're away, and we've scheduled our tasting for February, but everything else we'd like to get done soon! We started looking at groomsmen attire this past weekend - learning that if you want light gray tuxedos your options are incredibly limited - and I have about 30 invitation samples from a variety of vendors on their way to our apartment now. 

And yes - that is correct - I am looking to get my ears pierced this month! I really want to wear earrings for my wedding and since I let my original holes close up years ago, I need to go and get them re-pierced. I'm not going to lie, this scares me more than a little bit (I have very low pain tolerance) but I'm excited to cross it off the list!

I also headed to a bridal show in Boston this past weekend with my friend (and fellow bride-to-be!!) Kate! We had such a blast checking out vendors and getting to eat some delicious cake! Unfortunately, we took absolutely no pictures whatsoever, but I can say that we learned that bridal expos are more for brides in the early stages of planning - and not so much for brides who already have most of their weddings planned. Oh well, we still had a lot of fun!

Are you planning a wedding? Just reminiscing about your own? I'd love to hear your planning advice and any stories you might have!!!

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  1. I think this is your first time linking up. When is your wedding? I feel like you and I are in very similar places in terms of planning. YAH! Do you have your dress yet? Are you getting married in Boston? So many questions!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. Welcome to our linkup!!! So happy to have you and read more about your planning process and Big Day! I have the same questions as Kristyn! :)


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