Happy November! {I'm Baaaaaack!}

Wow, October was a whirlwind of a month - both in my personal life and in blogging life! On the blogging life front, I hit my all time highest monthly page views - over 16,000 in October! Considering that I also blogged the least I've blogged in the past two years, this was amazing to me, but not totally surprising because I have a couple of posts (the ranch house pork chops and the bold ranch house pork chops) that have taken off. So, a big thank you to each and every one of you who helped me reach this incredible blogging milestone!

On the personal life front, I officially finished my second month of teaching and it feels like every single day is busier than the last! From lesson planning to grading - I have been incredibly busy! I've also been doing some wedding planning and trying to do more than just go to school, come home and go to sleep - and fitting it all in has been a bit exhausting to say the least. 

As the year progresses, I can definitely feel myself getting stronger as a teacher and my planning and time management is getting stronger - so much so that I'm able to take a little more time for myself and read some of the stacks of books I have that I'm dying to read! 

With this new month getting underway, I wanted to catch you up with my life over the past couple of months and thought that the best way to do so would be with a little photo journal for you right here - enjoy!

picture descriptions, top to bottom, left to right: graduating with my masters from northeastern! / celebrating brad and laura's wedding with josh / train ticket home after a fun weekend in ny & nj (incl buying my wedding dress!!) / senator ted cruz reading green eggs and ham on live tv / delicious dessert creation / spray painting fun! / nash enjoying some fall weather / cleaning out the closet from my childhood bedroom / aunt joan & nash!
photo descriptions, top to bottom, left to right: birthday books from the man that knows me better than anyone / a happy birthday surprise from kate and her period 1 class / my very broken phone pre-birthday dinner / sleepy puppy times 2 / reading (and finishing!) allegiant in just a couple of days - and it was amazing! / nash the giraffe for halloween / josh and nash looking up at the statehouse / making a batch of turkey chili for lunch
photo descriptions, top to bottom, left to right: freestyle paint nite in boston with some good friends - josh painted fenway and i made a circus / shake shack for josh's birthday / pre-wedding selfie from saturday night / the beautiful bride and groom at the end of an incredible night
These past couple of months have been insanely busy, but also insanely exciting and fun. From buying my wedding dress and getting deeper into wedding planning to celebrating Jordan and Nick's wedding just this past weekend, celebrating my birthday and celebrating Josh's birthday, and trying to soak up every moment of this gorgeous New England fall - I am so blessed to be living this amazing life! 

Hope you're all having an amazing start to this month - I'll be back on Wednesday with a review of October's READ THIS! selection and to announce November's pick! Have a wonderful Monday!




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