Happy {Wonderful} Weekend!

Somehow it's another weekend again, and I'm still recovering from the last one, since it turns out graduating and driving 8 hours roundtrip for an amazing wedding will take quite a lot out of a person.

for the record, no one looks good in a graduation cap

But wow, it was amazing. On Saturday morning, I walked across the stage at Northeastern University and accepted my master's degree after an amazing year. What some might see as as the end of a long journey, I see as only the beginning - the beginning of an amazing adventure in teaching.

Then, after a delicious brunch with my mom, dad, brother and future in-laws, I hopped in the car and headed out to Cooperstown for an insanely awesome wedding weekend. We celebrated the couple on Saturday night at their rehearsal dinner at the Baseball Hall of Fame (in the Hall of Placques. it was INCREDIBLE.) and at a townie bar that I'm pretty sure didn't totally appreciate being taken over by out of towners, but we had a blast. And then on Sunday, I cried my eyes out as Laura walked down the aisle and married the love of her life. Josh and I could not be happier for them and are so excited to hear all about their honeymoon trip to Asia when they get back in a couple weeks. 

After the band played their last song - around 10:15 - I changed out of my 4 inch heels (because no one wants to drive 4 hours in heels) and said my goodbyes before heading out of Cooperstown. I stayed on the phone with my mom for most of the time, also helped my aunt and my father, before finally arriving home - 2 stops and 1 10 minute nap later - at 2:55 AM. 

So, needless to say I think but I'll say it anyway, I've been a bit tired this week. Continuously trying to catch up on sleep, I don't think I'm quite all caught up yet. I also have a giant number of projects/tests to finish grading and lesson planning to do for my upcoming units that are starting this week - the Byzantine Empire & Rise of Russia in World History and the Enlightenment in Modern World. Right now, I'm on a train headed into NYC to re-try on my favorite dresses from a month ago and hopefully I'll say yes to a dress tonight! 

I hope that each of you is having a fantastic weekend! I'll be back next week (for realsies) with a few new posts and our regularly scheduled programming!

Have a happy {wonderful} weekend!



  1. So, so, so proud of you! Oh and btw you are Josh are looking HOT!


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