Don't Stop Believin' {One Little Word}

My One Little Word for 2013
Yesterday morning, I walked into high school, not as a student, but as a teacher. Today, I will stand in front of 3 sections of possibly terrified, likely bewildered freshmen, and spend 20 minutes with them during their freshman orientation day. Tomorrow, I will get to have my first full day as a professional licensed teacher. 

Last night, I was in bed before 9, after a day that went by in the blink of an eye. From a school-wide breakfast and assembly, getting my class lists and figuring out my schedule, sitting through new computer program training, and getting to spend a few minutes sitting down with my (new to me) superintendent - the day was packed full and flew by. I ate nothing but a half a bagel, didn't have coffee, and forgot to drink water all day and when I got home, I said to Josh: 'I've never been so hungry, I've never had such a terrible headache and I've never been so exhausted - but I'm pretty sure that I've also never been happier.' And then there were some happy tears.

I feel so blessed to be working at my dream job - in my dream school with my dream colleagues - and to be embarking on this incredible journey. For the first time in my life, I am waking up to do something I love - and to do it as my career. This path to get here was not always simple, but I never stopped believing in myself, and I never stopped believing that teaching is what I am meant to do. And I learned that with a little bit of believing, truly anything is possible. And I am so lucky to have Josh, and our amazing family and a spectacular group of friends, to support me in my dreams and to share in these joys.

This next week is certainly going to be a busy one and I have lots to do before I feel fully on top of things for this year (the downside to being hired a week before school is the lack of prep time), but I am so excited to be in the classroom today and to begin getting to know all of the fresh new faces in my classes. 

Yesterday evening, I got a message from my wonderful friend Alissa, wishing me a happy first day of the rest of my life, and she could not have picked a more apt way to capture this moment. So here's to believing, here's to the journey and here's to the future, and most importantly - here's to the first day of the rest of my life. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and for supporting me each step of the way.



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