Life, Lately.

Good Morning and Happy Friday! This week has been a complete whirlwind and I am only just sitting down to really take a moment and let it all set in! 

A few weeks ago, I told you the good news - that I had found a job! As I told you then, it was not a permanent position, it was a permanent substitute position for a teacher on maternity leave. I was so excited about getting into my own classroom, even if it was just for a few months of the year. I knew that the experience would be a valuable one and I had hopes that I would be able to find something once November ended. 

But then, last week, I got a phone call from the department head at the school where I did my student teaching - and he had great news: a position had opened up and he wanted to know if I wanted to come in to talk to him and the new principal. And the next thing I knew, on Monday morning I was getting ready for the permanent sub position and by Monday evening, I was celebrating after a wonderful meeting with my new bosses. 

On Tuesday, I submitted the rest of my paperwork to the district, and then I grabbed my bags and headed to NJ to spend a few days at home having fun with some wedding planning!

And by wedding planning, I mean wedding dress shopping! On Wednesday, I spent the day in the city trying on dresses with the help of my mom, my stepmom and my aunt! We went to three different stores and I found at least 1 dress I liked at each store, and at the last store, I found 3! My dress is definitely among the few I've narrowed it down to, and I'm going back at the end of September to re-try on my favorites after I've had time to think about them for a bit. 

On Thursday, I spent the day getting some wedding vendor shopping done - meeting with a photographer, a hair stylist, and getting the card of a fantastic makeup artist! And now, I am ready for an amazing long weekend where I can spend so much time getting ready to teach 5 classes this year! For the whole year! 

This is, without question, my dream job - and I could not be more thrilled or more ready to be back in this amazing high school with some of my favorite people! Next week, I'll be back blogging every day - and filling you in on the new adventures of high school! 

I hope you're all gearing up for an amazing weekend - whether its soaking up the last days of summer or getting ready for the first days of fall. I hope you'll enjoy every moment of it - I know I will!




  1. Congratulations!! That's fantastic! :) Sounds like you had a great time doing wedding things - ooooh the dress. Happy times!


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