Instalife {June/July Edition}

So it turns out I sort of forgot to post an instalife update for June - but I figured that now was as good a time as any to play catch up! Since I know not all of you have Instagram, I like to update you on what's going on in my instalife. June and July were whirlwind months - I finished school and began the job search! And of course, found some time to enjoy a little bit of summer!

In June (Top to Bottom, Left to Right): discovered our new favorite bbq sauce / read another book from the genius michael lewis / noticed cvs needed a weather upgrade / enjoyed national donut day / used our new grill pan from daryl & paul / loved the chandelier at the auction house in nyc / got a card from one of my favorite people / tried not to get too bummed over excessive rainy days / created a fun wordle in my 21st century ed class
My Favorites in June: using our community grill for the first time / puppy snuggles / a grey morning in boston
/ my 6th dispatch show with liz (and first with jam!)
In July (Top to Bottom, Left to Right): tried to eat cereal for breakfast every morning / the shuttle door had a mind of its own / folded a paper crane prior to my japanese culture mini-lesson / finally got ahead of schedule with my goodreads goal / enjoyed delicious flank steak / smothered vanilla ice cream in chocolate syrup / got addicted to candy crush (and i don't think i'm the only one!) / ordered and received a new lunch bag / ran on the beach with the pup
My Favorites in July: making ice cream sandwiches at home / going to the dog park with nash / snoozing with nash on the beach / date night in kendall square - and seeing a movie sneak preview!
I can't believe that August is just a day away - and that Labor Day Weekend will be here before we know it! Have you been keeping busy this summer? Catching up on reading and soaking up the warm weather with Josh and Nash has been an amazing way to spend my free time this summer!

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