Happy {America's Birthday} Weekend!

Last weekend, on Sunday evening, my final grad classes officially closed, and by Tuesday morning I learned that it was official - all of my hard work had paid off - and was showing itself in my amazing grades. After a year of attending school full time, and working full time and trying to live a life all at once, I could not be happier, more proud of myself, or more excited to enjoy this long weekend to the fullest.  

For some, that may mean a packed schedule, but for me, it means doing absolutely nothing. Okay, not nothing at all - I'm spending Friday with a friend in NH and heading to Hobby Lobby to pick up some supplies, and I plan on getting crafty this weekend and doing laundry, but aside from the trip to NH, I don't really plan on leaving the house at any point. In fact, I'll be spending most of my time with this guy:

Nash had a small surgery on Wednesday to remove a mass from his chest and they had to put four stitches in him! Our poor bubs! We're spending the weekend making sure he gets tons of TLC and isn't too miserable. This means lots of time laying in the air conditioning and snuggling on the couch - my kind of 100 degree summer perfection. 

Do you have more active plans than I do for the weekend? Or is it also your first weekend in a long time to completely relax without deadlines looming over you? I hope you had a wonderful fourth of July and that you have tomorrow off to enjoy a four day weekend! If you have some time, here are a few of my favorite things this week...

just finished this book - and loved it!

elise's letters to her baby girl make me cry every week

the perfect alternative to pie

ice cream thats a dream

Have a happy {America's birthday} weekend!




  1. AWWWWW!!!!!!! Poor Nash! Bunker sends his condolences on the cone, he had to have one the other day as well.


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