Stress Case {Mini-Blogging Break}

Are you good at dealing with stress? I have to be honest with you - sometimes I am, but sometimes I'm really not. I tend to get stressed and pretend I'm not at all. If it's short term stress, this usually works okay, but when it's one little bit of stress on top of another, sometimes I get cranky and sometimes I take that stress out on other people and things. Like Josh, or the dog, or our laundry. Normal? Probably not (or maybe so?), but either way, I think I need some more ways to combat stress in my life. Especially now as I embark on the busiest last few days of my life - and of the end of my Master's program.

I can be quite good at procrastination and this past quarter in school has been an excellent example. I was so busy with work and taking three classes and starting to plan a wedding and you know, trying to find some time to actually live life, that the best course of action at the time was to just take each day at a time. This worked really well until about 5 days ago when I realized that I have to get all but one (the learning narrative) of the things you see on that list above done by Wednesday at 11:59 PM. 

I know I can do it - and I will do it - but by the time Thursday morning rolls around, I'm bound to be pretty ready to crash and more stressed than usual. And so, for the next few days, the blog is going silent. On purpose. Typically when I don't post, the worry from that adds to my overall stress and just makes it worse. So this time, the break is intentional - but don't worry it isn't for too long! I will be back to blogging on Monday, July 1, and I can't wait to share with you some home updates (balcony reveal, anyone?), some new recipes, and some wedding planning updates! 

I hope you all have a wonderful end to the month of June, that you're surviving the heat if you're in New England, and that you'll take a moment to relax and de-stress if you can! And of course, if you have any tips for beating stress - or ways to soak up a little relaxation - I'd love to hear about them! See you next week!




  1. Good luck! You know you are always in my thoughts and I am totally here for you!


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