A Rug of Difference! {Balcony Progress}

Do you like what I did there? A rug of difference, like a world of difference? Sometimes, rainy Thursdays call for bad jokes that cheer you up. And the balcony progress is definitely something to be cheery about!

The last time we talked about the balcony and garden, I had planted my plants and painted the pots. And while the plants are all looking quite pretty, it was time for more work to be done. After a quick trip to IKEA last Friday night, I came home with a new rug for the balcony.

It was actually the second rug I've bought for the space, but I returned the first one - from the Christmas Tree Shop - when I decided I wanted a more neutral look - which this rug definitely has. I went outside to move some stuff around to lay down the rug when I noticed this:

So. Much. Dirt. There were nails and cigarette butts and staples, and generally just years of dirt and grime all squeezed into the cracks of our balcony. So, I did what any normal person would do. I got out my vacuum.

Oh, you mean most people don't vacuum their balconies? My downstairs neighbor didn't think so either - he gave me some pretty weird looks with all the noise I was making on Saturday afternoon. But guess what - it worked like a charm.

Ah... beautifully clean balcony. And now, obviously ready for the rug to be placed on top of it.

Then, I turned my attention to the other side of the balcony - where the shelves are (and where a small table will eventually be placed). And, in keeping it real - this is what it looked like:

Yea, that's a big ol' mess. So, I cleaned it up. I moved the shelves, reorganized the space and now, it looks a whole lot better!

And, one big Progress picture for you to see it all together:

It's coming along! I also plopped a small bench and some outdoor pillows out there later Saturday night,  and I styled the shelves, but I don't have pictures to share with you yet. I'm going to add more seating on the plant side, and plan to add a table and chair (bistro type set) on the shelving side - and hopefully you'll get to see all of this in the next balcony update. And I am so excited to be able to spend much more time outside as the weather gets nicer!

Have you been updating your outdoor space? Am I the only one who has ever vacuumed a balcony? I'd love to hear from you!



  1. Vacuuming your balcony - brilliant! I think that might'a broken out vacuum though. We have such a wimpy one! haha. Balcony is lookin' good!


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