Instalife {Winter 2013 Edition}

I'm baaaaaack! After an amazing student teaching experience, finishing classes and getting engaged, and starting new classes and job hunting - this Winter has certainly been a long one. Ending student teaching was incredibly bitter sweet and although I was so sad to say goodbye, I am ready to focus on my final quarter of classes and finding both a temp job until the Fall, and a teaching job beginning in Fall of 2013. 

I know it has been a long time since I posted, and, once I start teaching again in the Fall, I will probably begin to post on a three day a week schedule - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Until then, however, I will be back to regular posting 5 days a week. And, there's so much to fill you in on! 

To start, today I'd like to share with you the Winter 2013 Edition of Instalife...

From top, left to right: Sleepy Puppy at the Superbowl / Empty Shelves before Nemo / Nash on the Balcony during Nemo / Valentine's Day Package from Alissa / Sugar Cookies for my Students / Inside the MFA / Short Car Trip with the Pup / Oscars Ballots with Josh / Nash's Oscar Statue Impression

From top, left to right: Bing Challenge - Bing Lost / Increasing Pile of Books that I Haven't Read / Snowy Morning / Broken Coffee Mug Handle / Fresh Market / Caffeine Fix / NU Library Fix / Weeknight Dinner with Josh / Nash Getting Ready for Bed / Grading Tests / Amazing Deal on Gas Thanks to Stop&Shop Points / Two More Broken Coffee Mug Handles / Planning To the End / Interdisciplinary Chain Link Armor Lesson / Empty Lunch Container during Passover / Spring Flowers

From top, left to right: Engagement Weekend! / So Many Cards / Sleepy Pup / Wedding Planning with Mom / Trip to the Sam Adams Brewery with Jonathan / Lunch at the Union Oyster House with Jonathan / Barry McGee Exhibit at the IFA / View from the IFA / Driving Back to MA from NJ

After this brief break from blogging, I am officially back - and will return with a delicious recipe for you tomorrow! 




  1. I am still laughing about your horrible fortune of having so many mugs break! I still don't understand how it keeps happening to you!

  2. Welcome back! I was wondering where you were, and actually came to your blog to find your email address to make sure you were ok after last week, not hearing from you in so long! :)

  3. Love Nash's Oscar impression -- what a talented pup!


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