Happy {Awesome} Weekend!

While I do love what I do every day, and I'm one of those people who doesn't really complain about Mondays very often, this is one time when I could not possibly be more excited for this weekend. Not only is it a three day weekend (we have today, Good Friday, off from school), but tomorrow night - Josh and I are headed to Amherst to see ::drumroll please:: ... RACHEL MADDOW! 

Josh and I are huge fans of Rachel - and all of MSNBC for that matter - and about a month and a half ago she announced that she was doing a small book tour for the paperback release of her book Drift (which if you haven't read, I highly recommend!) and it just so happened that the weekend of March 29-31, she'd be in Amherst, Massachusetts. As soon as (free but reservable) tickets became available, we snagged up 2 tickets to go and see her in person! Since Amherst is a couple of hours away, and we'll be back late late late on Saturday night, and gone most of the day, we decided to board the pup for a couple of days. This way, we have some us time and the pup gets some puppy spa time - it's a win/win for everyone! 

So, today is a day filled with productivity and relaxation and then tomorrow - we're off to see my favorite TV personality - Ms. Rachel Maddow! I hope that you are all planning on having a wonderful weekend too and, if you have the time, will check out some of these fantastic pages from this past week...

DIY serving tray: this is my happy place

100 "rules" of dinner from one of my faves

mmm... chocolate thursday cake (that isn't kosher for passover)

and a chocolate-hazelnut macaroon torte (that is kosher for passover)

loving the acrylic frame trend

Have a happy {awesome} weekend!




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