Sunday Drive {Frank Lloyd Wright}

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am sorry for the lack of posting last week. I had so many fun posts planned, and then all of the sudden I got student-teaching-itis. It's main symptom is exhaustion. Like, feeling like it must be 10 pm, but looking at the clock and finding it is only 7:30 type of exhaustion. But, after an incredibly restful Saturday (you know, one of those days where you barely move off of the couch) and much more solid foundation in preparation, I think that this week I will be cured. And, starting this morning, I will be posting regularly again! 

This week, for today's Sunday Drive, I want to focus on the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. He designed one of my all-time favorite buildings - the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, and I wanted to showcase a few of his house designs here. Won't you join me for this drive?

Photo by Tim Long, via
Photo by Kit Hogan, via
Frank Lloyd Wright was really a talented architect! His style changed over the years and I love seeing the transition from one style to the next. My favorite is the last one - located in a Chicago suburb - although I could do without the exterior color, I love the roof style and the uniqueness of the window placement. I also love the second one - located in Millstone, New Jersey. Which one is your favorite?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - I hope it's a restful one!




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