Happy {MLK} Weekend!

Good Morning and Happy Friday! I hope that you've had a wonderful week - I know I did! - and that you're gearing up for a fantastic weekend. One great thing about this weekend? It's THREE DAYS LONG thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday being a national holiday. 

This weekend I plan on finishing my lesson planning for my first unit (I'm halfway done planning!) and get started on my second, and I will be starting the book I'll be reading with my 9th grade World History class - Crispin. Josh and I are also having dinner with his parents this weekend, seeing Zero Dark Thirty (finally!) tonight, and plan on catching up on some Netflix and starting season 1 of Downton Abbey! So, the weekend will be a busy one, but I'm looking forward to it! I'm also looking forward to getting some cooking done, and will be making a few of these recipes...

Individual chicken pot pies - the perfect winter comfort food

For an everyday snack - perfectly smooth hummus

Shrimp spring rolls that are easy to make!

Make-ahead meatballs for a quick weeknight meal

4 delicious salads - all without lettuce!

Enjoy your happy {MLK} weekend!




  1. I saw that recipe on Cupcakes and Cashmere and thought of you!!

  2. Happy long weekend! We just started watching Downton Abbey season 1 as well on Netflix...pretty good so far.


    1. I hope you enjoyed the long weekend too! I thought we might have another day off today, but no such luck! Thank goodness for Netflix!

  3. You're going to LOVE Downton Abbey! It's great. Have a great long weekend!

    1. We started it and I do love it! Although I cannot believe that we've added yet another show to our weekly schedule!


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