Happy {History Bowl} Weekend!

Trivia Question: After his time in office, this president was then elected as a member of the House of Represenatives for 17 years. As Secretary of State, he authored the Monroe Doctrine, and thanks to the support of Henry Clay, his presidential election in 1824 was successful, though this was deemed a "corrupt bargain" by opponents. For 10 points, name this sixth U.S. President.*

That is a question from the National History Bowl and this weekend, I'm heading to the regionals with Quincy High School! (Answer to above question is at the end of this post.) Provided it doesn't get snowed out, I'll be heading up on Saturday morning to help with scoring and question reading - and of course, to root for Quincy! 

Josh and I are also looking forward to having a relaxing weekend too! I officially start teaching next Tuesday and so this weekend will be spent finalizing plans and making sure I sound like I know what I'm talking about! We also have some Netflix movies to watch (Arbitrage and Beasts of the Southern Wild) and I'm looking forward to finishing January's READ THIS! novel - Beautiful Ruins. If you have a few moments, here are some posts from around the web this week to check out...

I don't have any reason to make this cake - but that isn't going to stop me...

Delicious Berry Banana smoothie recipe

And speaking of fruity drinks... (and it can be made as an alcoholic version!)

Have you ever made gumbo? This recipe looks amazing!

Have a happy weekend!


*Answer to Trivia: John Quincy Adams.



  1. Have fun at the History Bowl - sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing my smoothie! :)


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