DIY: Stamped Gift Wrap

I originally prepped this post back at the end of December, and well... time got away from me. But, gift wrapping is not only for the Holiday Season! And so without any further delay, here is how I wrapped gifts for my mom, brother and Josh this year!  

Instead of buying wrapping paper and gift tags, I thought it might be easier - and more fun! - to simply customize my own! For the gifts I put underneath the tree, I customized wrapping paper with separate stamps and 2 different colors.

First, I picked stamps for each person - Mom got a fleur de lis, Josh got a tree with presents and Brother got a Joy! stamp. Then, I also grabbed three different colors to go along with my 3 different stamps. Oh! And of course, scissors and blank wrapping paper.

I discovered 1 minor detail with the silver ink however...

It was a bit, um... no longer in service. And so I used black ink for my brother's wrapping paper as well.

To create the stamped paper, I simply pressed the stamp into the ink pad, and then stamped in vertical lines with about 5 - 6 stamps per line, alternating spaces between each one.

I completely freehanded it - and I was so happy with how it turned out - perfectly imperfect! I plan on using the same method for Valentine's Day, and for future gifts that I give! 

Did you wrap presents in any special way this year? Do you have a time-honored system, or do you switch wrapping papers and tags every year? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!




  1. So pretty! AND a great excuse to buy some of the super cute stamps I'm always looking for a reason to buy. :)

  2. Wow I haven been rubber stamping for 20+ years and i have never seen an ink pad do that. Is it dried out? You can reink them you know? Wow…just wow…

    1. I didn't know I could re-ink them! I threw this one away, it was a cheap-o one from Michael's, but that's so good to know for the future!


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