The Most Wonderful Holiday Break

This past week or so has been an incredible one! Filled with friends and family, and so much excitement - it was the perfect week long break. Relaxing and enjoyable, I enjoyed spending time with some of my favorite people. I took a ton of pictures throughout the week - meeting Alissa of The Adored Life in NYC (yay for blog friends!), dinner with my Aunt, movies and dinner with my Dad and Stepmom and brother, quality time with our favorite NJ couple - Daryl and Paul, and celebrating Christmas with my mom! We got to enjoy amazing southwestern food, see This is 40 and Les Miserables (funny and breathtakingly fantastic, respectively), drink some good wine and see beautiful Christmas lights! 

Josh had to leave NJ on Christmas Day to be back at work on Wednesday morning, and so I got to enjoy some quality time with my Mom and Stepmom on Wednesday before driving back to Boston. Then, I unfortunately got stuck in a blizzard and spent 9 hours driving the normally 4 hour drive back home with the puppy. But then I got to spend Thursday relaxing, Friday shopping, and Friday night and Saturday catching up on movies and spending quality time with Josh. So far, it's been the perfect way to spend time getting ready to go back to school on Wednesday. I took a bunch of pictures over the past week too - and here they are!

At Social Eatz - Angelo from Top Chef's Restaurant in NYC!
Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons
Bimibap Burger with Fries
The best thing about having lunch with another blogger is that you're not the only one taking photos of food!
Meeting blogger besties is the best! (And we had the same thing for lunch!)
Maple Pumpkin Souffle deliciousness!
The two cutest guys in my life
Grandma and Grandpup!
Beautiful Christmas decorations at Mom's house
Oh Christmas Tree!
Roasted Potatoes with Bacon, Caramelized Onions and Fresh Rosemary
Christmas Morning! (Fleur de Lis wrapping paper tutorial coming this week!)
Dog and Cat interactions...
Ignore the messy morning looks, these are Christmas morning puppy kisses!
We really did have a wonderful vacation and are looking forward to celebrating a fantastic new year's eve and welcoming in 2013 together!




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