Holiday Gift Guides: Under $50 & Under $100

Happy 12.12.12!!! I'm a BIG fan of dates like this (which may or may not have anything do to with the fact that I was born on 10.10, but that's besides the point), and I think that maybe the hold a little bit of extra magic than your ordinary day. So, today, enjoy the day, and at 12:12, maybe make a little extra wish - you never know, it just might come true!

And of course, for even a little more magic, I have the next set of gift guides today - the combo Under $50 and Under $100 gift guide!

This gift guide holds some of my favorite gifts and so I'm super excited to share it with you this morning! 

Under $50...

Marley Coffee for any coffee lover (and bonus - it's organic, sustainable, and ethically grown!)
Washi Tape Pack for your favorite crafter or tape-obsessed friend
Cheese Knife Set for any cheese lovers on your list 
Deena & Ozzy Tote for your bag-obsessed girlfriend, mom, fiance, sister, wife, etc.

Under $100...

Lily Pulitzer Serving Tray for your monogram loving friend
Cabled Leather Gloves that will keep anyone warm
Chalk Bank to help inspire inspiration for your favorite money saver
2013 Whitney English Day Planner for anyone who loves organization

Do you have any favorite gifts in the Under $50 or Under $100 range? Do you prefer to give bigger gifts that cost more, or a bunch of smaller gifts that combined equal a larger amount? Holiday shopping is definitely an art!




  1. I just realized that you and my dad have the same birthday! That is going to be super easy for me to remember from now on. I cannot wait for the day that I have a reason to have a serving tray!


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