The Perfect Setting: Table Setting & Decor {simply thanksgiving}

For the past week or so, I've been showcasing some great ways to inspire a creative and simple Thanksgiving in your home. Today, I want to go beyond food and talk about table settings and show you 3 different ways to make place cards for you and your family (and any guests you may have). And yes, this may be the longest post yet!

First, when it comes to the table, especially if it's just a few people sharing in the Thanksgiving meal, I think it's best to keep things simple. For me, I like to decorate with general Fall decor that allows room for some extra dishes to be set on the table and that allows a cohesive look to stay relevant for the days leading up to and away from the holiday.

This year, I used some fake cranberries and acorns, a trifle bowl, candles and a little container - all from the Christmas Tree Shops - to set up a fun tablescape.

As for setting the table, I keep it simple with a dinner plate and salad plate, wine glass, and of course - silverware and a napkin! You can set the table with bowls, but I typically tend to keep bowls in the kitchen until I serve the soup and then bring the bowls to the table - the choice is yours though!

And of course, even if you're just enjoying the day with your closest family, it's fun to do something a little extra special and that's where place cards come in!

First, I made felt leaf place cards.

In order to make these, I used a few pieces of felt, brown cardstock, a leaf stencil, scissors, a thick marker and hot glue gun (both not pictured) and a paper cutter (also not pictured). 

I traced the stencil with a thick marker, and cut out the leaf shapes. The light played a few tricks here and it looks like the felt is a blueish shade - really it's the gray you see above (and later on below).

Then, I cut my cardstock. Starting with an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet, first I cut off the 1/2 inch to make it 8x11. Then, I cut this in half to have 4x11, and finally, I cut each of those down so that I had 4 4x4 squares.

I folded each piece in half, and using my hot glue gun, attached the leaf so that the bottom of it just rested on the edge of the card.

Write names on the cards, and you're ready to set the table!

Next up, our acorn place cards!

For these, all you need is cardstock, a stamp and some ink. Oh, and that paper cutter I keep forgetting to actually put in pictures.

First, cut the paper as you did above, first to 8x11 (from he 8 1/2 x 11), then to 4x11, then to 4 squares that are 4x4. Once you've done this, fold each one in half and then flatten slightly. 

Using your stamp and your ink pad, stamp all of your place cards. Then write the names down on them and re-fold them so that they will stand.

And voila - you have stamped place cards!

Finally, for one more place card option, you can use corks to create a different style!

To make 4 of these, you'll need 16 corks, hot glue gun, string, and cardstock.

Start by gluing 2 corks together at a time, then gluing the pairs together to create your grouping of 4.

Cut your string to add a little bit of festiveness into this place card - I used white and gold - and tie around your cork grouping one at a time.

Finally, cut your cardstock down to size - I made mine 2 x 4 - and then write the guest's name on each one. Wedge each card in between two of the corks, and you have your cork place cards!

Do you have a go-to way that you set your Thanksgiving table each year? If you have kids, especially ones who may be too little to help out in the kitchen, table decorations are a great way to get them involved!

By the way, I'm linking up this post to the Dare to DIY Party hosted by the NewlyWoodwards, Decor and the Dog, Two Twenty One and Maybe Matilda!



  1. I think the acorn stamped one is my favorite place card. I also love the centerpieces on your table - so festive yet simple.

  2. Love all your place card options! I think my favorite are the corks, though. What a great thing to bring out every year for a festive touch.

    Thanks for linking to Dare to DIY!

  3. So many options. Hmmm and they are all great. I really like the acorn stamp.

  4. Not one but three table settings? Impressive!! The corks are my favorite! Thanks for joining the Dare to DIY!


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