Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving! This year, on this Thanksgiving, I am more thankful than ever for the amazing life that I am so blessed to have.

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Today, I am thankful for my family - Josh and Nash, my Mom and my brother Jonathan, my Dad and stepmom Phyllis, my Aunt Joan and Josh's parents Paul and Raisa and his sister Jenna. This year has been one with struggles, but also with great rewards, and every step of the way, our family has been here to support us and encourage us and I am so grateful for them.

Today, I am thankful for my friends, for loving me for who I am, allowing me to bounce ideas off of them, for sharing in the good and the bad with me, and for allowing me to share in the struggles and joys of their lives with them. I am so grateful for all of them, and I am so lucky to count some of the most incredible people I have ever met among them.

Today, I am also thankful for all of you - for reading this blog, commenting, and supporting my DIY and food adventures! I love creating new projects and I am so thankful for having all of you to be a part of them. 

I am looking forward to a wonderful holiday season and celebrating all of the joy in life. From tackling new projects to meeting new friends, reading new books and embracing new challenges - I cannot wait to dive into the last month of this year head first and take time to be grateful for each and every moment.

Have a happy, and thankful, Thanksgiving! 




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