Sunday Drive {Coastal Maine}

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! This morning, I am headed up to the Stonewall Kitchen in York, ME for an amazing day of cooking, food, and learning with a great group of women who are all a part of Blog Better Boston! As I take the beautiful Sunday morning drive up to York this morning, I am admiring the gorgeous Fall foliage and other scenery. The coast of Maine is well known for some of its beautiful estates, and this morning, I thought it be fun to take our Sunday Drive up through Coastal Maine.

                                     Traditional Exterior design by Boston Architect Charles R Myer & Partners, Ltd

I really do absolutely love each and every one of these estates! My favorite this morning however is definitely the 2nd one - I love its charm and I can imagine sinking into one of those beautiful adirondack chairs with a blanket and a cup of coffee on a brisk Sunday morning. Which one are you swooning over this morning?



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