Oh Yes He Did {Clinton Kelly & Macy's Fashion Event}

Since the second season of What Not to Wear, when TLC hired Clinton Kelly to co-host with Stacy London, I have been a huge fan of his - and getting to see him last night was just as amazing as I thought it was going to be!

Right now, Macy's is hosting this incredible series of fashion presentations (there is 1 more in Providence on Nov. 3, at 2 pm) featuring Clinton Kelly! I got the amazing chance to head up to the North Shore Mall in Peabody, MA last night and watch Clinton give one of these fashion presentations and I am so excited that I was able to be there.

Macy's set up an incredible runway area for the presentation - and gave out fun giveaway bags to all of their guests!

Clinton's presentation was so much fun - he is engaging, funny, and you can tell he's a genuinely nice guy. One of my favorite things about his message is that he is focused on building women's self-confidence - as he says, this is "about changing women's lives" and "renewing their sense of confidence." And the other best part about Clinton's message? It's not about high fashion - or even always "fashion" for the matter - but it is about style. Because fashion isn't really my thing (I do wear leggings as pants sometimes, I'm sorry, Clinton, but they're comfortable), this message is empowering to me and makes me believe that I can dress for success - cultivating my own personal style without worrying too much about the high fashion aspect of it.

After his introduction, Clinton led a fashion show with 6 women of all shapes and sizes, demonstrating different outfits - for weekends, work, nighttime, and cocktail parties for the holiday season.

And, throughout the evening, Clinton gave some great advice to everyone in the audience:

  • The color black brings out shadows, and as you get older and get more wrinkles, wearing black during the day only highlights those shadows;
  • Every woman needs a professional bra fitting - a woman's bust should sit halfway between the shoulder and the elbow and if your bras aren't doing that, you need to get new bras;
  • Right now, colored denim is the trend; 
  • Keep things modern in your outfits by mixing different textures; and,
  • When it comes to wearing hosiery - either make it look like you aren't wearing any (ie. it should match your regular skin tone) or make it look like you are (wear a non-skin color shade). 

He did spend time at the end of the evening signing books, but unfortunately you could only get a book if you spent $100 in Macy's and you weren't allowed to bring your own. However, his latest book, Oh No She Didn't, showcases 100 different style mistakes that women make and how to fix them. It's a fun book and I definitely recommend checking it out!

It was a wonderful event and I'm so glad that I was able to take the time to attend! I've learned so much from Clinton over the years and being able to see him in person was inspiring. He really is all about boosting self-image and self-confidence and it is so wonderful that he's able to go back and forth across the country (thanks, in large part, to Macy's) to inspire so many women. 

I hope you're all having a great Friday morning - I'll be back this afternoon with a happy weekend post!


Disclaimer: I was compensated to review this event, but in no way, shape, or form was I asked to give a positive review or told what to write.  And to be completely honest, I absolutely would have attended this event and reviewed it regardless of any other factors - I really do love Clinton Kelly!



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