It's our Nash-iversary!!!

One year ago, we brought home our furry little bundle of joy - Nashville! That makes today our Nash-iversary! Here are a few pictures from the night we brought him home...

I'm not quite sure that we will ever get over how unbelievably tiny he was when we went to pick him up! Or, how much he's grown over the past year! Here he is now, one year later, still the most wonderful and adorable pup that we could have ever dreamed of being puppy parents to!

Oh my gosh, just look at that snout! And at how long he is! Josh and I cannot believe how grown up Nash is today, one year since the October blizzard that we brought him home into! In the past year, he's turned into our crazy little puppy, who can make you melt with one look from his adorable puppy eyes. Nashville is the supreme cuddler, king of household and our best friend - we could not imagine life without him!

P.S. I'll be back this afternoon with a happy weekend post! 



  1. Awww...happy Nash-iversary! Little dachshunds are the most fun!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Don't you just love them??? We're obsessed! :)


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