Finishing Our Kitchen Table! {Table Adventures, Part 3}

The table is officially finished! The last time you saw her, she was looking a little rough - barely covered in her first coat of paint. Since then we've had some minor setbacks, but today, I can finally show you our finished table! But, before we get to the finished product, here's where we were a few weeks ago...

My next step was to put the finishing coats on the table (3 in total), and then bring her inside to apply the glossy finish indoors. Well, after I put the next three coats on, but before I brought her inside, we came across a small problem...

Since you probably can't tell what that is on top of the screwdriver, I'll just tell you. It's honey. Or beeswax. Or whatever it is that little bees that decide to make a home in your table leave in there. Oh yea, this was not good news. And so this was minor setback #1. After lots of bee killing spray and blocking up the table holes (underneath) with wood filler, we declared the table acceptable to bring inside and finish with polyurethane.

I applied the glossy finish with a foam brush - applying it in three light coats and then allowing it to dry for about 72 hours before letting anything come in contact with it. I was a bad blogger, and a bad photo keeper, because I am sure I took pictures of this happening, but unfortunately I cannot find them now. So you'll have to use your imagination.

Finally, after everything was dry, I removed the leaf in the table, put it in the closet and closed the table top. tried to close the table top.

Enter minor setback #2. The table wouldn't close. I'm not really sure what happened, but I can only assume it was something I did in moving the table inside from outside. Fortunately, with the assistance of Josh's very helpful father, they were able to put the table back together!

And voila! She was done! Isn't she so shiny? (Please ignore the unfinished, messy background.)

I did only put the polyurethane on the table top, but I think it came out wonderfully! We haven't moved the table to her new home yet (in our dining nook) - we only just put our old table on Craigslist and we're hoping that someone will snatch her up quickly so that we can finally move this table into her new spot! I absolutely love the way this table turned out and in spite of the minor setbacks, I'm loving her.

Now all I have to do is finish the chairs and this table will be in full use! For the time being though, I'm loving her hanging out with me in the office/den - and Nash also likes the table - he keeps jumping on top of it from the couch when he thinks no one is watching him!

Have you had any project setbacks lately? Completed something you've been working on for awhile? I'd love to hear from you!



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