Rast Hack Inspiration (Help Needed!)

Wow, what a weekend. Josh and I had a fantastic one - we got some big things done around the apartment, spent Saturday afternoon and evening with good friends, and spent all day yesterday enjoying the first Football Sunday of the season! Last week, you might remember that I showed you a sneak peek of my new nightstand - the IKEA Rast that I put together over Labor Day Weekend.
To be honest, mine doesn't actually have the knobs on it yet (since I will likely be filling those holes to make new ones, I didn't think it would be worth it). So far though, I love this as a nightstand, but as it sits now, I don't think it is tall enough for our bed. So, I did what so many of you would do to find inspiration, I turned to Pinterest to see if anyone else had added height to their Rasts. While more of the hacks didn't have height added, a few of them did, and now I am trying to decide the best way to hack my new nightstand.

From A Charming Nest...

And, from Take the Side Street...

So, what are your thoughts? I've also thought about simply adding smaller legs, from the hardware store, to give it the added height I'm looking for. If you had your own RAST to hack, what would you do to add height? I need all of your ideas and inspiration to help figure this out!



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