Our New Apartment {Kitchen}

Happy Tuesday! This morning, I want to highlight our new kitchen! We have a much more galley kitchen type layout here than we did before, but there is a lot more cabinet space. We're still adding pops of color here and there (this white on white look definitely needs it), but for the time being, we're happy with the way it is. I hope you like it!

I'm not 100% in love with the idea of a galley kitchen, but I really really like how this came out. I may be looking into some sort of spice rack, just to give myself more counter space, and also perhaps a knife strip to streamline a few other things. My favorite thing in here so far though is the EAT sign.

I hung it with command strips and I think it's pretty securely on there (until I don't want it to be anymore), but I will keep you updated if that changes! 

I hope you have a great day and, in case you missed it yesterday, be sure to stop by yesterday's post where Josh and I are asking YOU if we should paint our rental or not! (I'm trusting you, my dear readers, to pick the correct answer! No pressure, or anything though, I'll still love you all either way.)

Tomorrow I'll be back with the beginning of my latest adventures tackling my newly acquired table and chairs from Craigslist, and this month's READ THIS! reviews and updates! See you then!




  1. I love the EAT sign! And are those chalkboard tops on your spices? If so, that's awesome! And if not, they still look pretty amazing :)


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