Happy Birthday, Nashville!

I want to share a super, extra special birthday wish with you today - a birthday wish for the world's cutest, wackiest, most adorable, longest and most wonderful pup, Nashville!

One year ago, August 31, 2011, Nashville was born! Josh and waited for so long for our adorable little black and tan short haired pup to arrive and we are so glad that we did! Here he was just a few days after being born! 

This photo was taken by our fantastic breeder, Shirls Whispering Winds, and when we first saw it, we knew right away this little guy was our Nashville. Look at how adorable he was! Two months later, at the end of October, we picked up our bundle of joy!

Can you believe how small he is? When we picked him up, he was only 3 and a half pounds! Today he weighs in at just under 14 pounds! Over the past 10 months, Nashville has become a full member of our family and although he hasn't always been the most well-behaved, he is absolutely the most-loved pup in the world. We love him so very much and, although it may be cheesy, he is without question, our little fur-baby. And today, he turns 1 year old.

We are so blessed and so lucky to have the most amazing, kind-souled one year old mini-dachshund pup. He's the biggest fan of kisses, loves to jump in your face, and has the floppiest of ears. We love his crazy, his cuddles, his cold wet kisses and even his ocassional barking. We love him so very, very much and I hope that you'll join us today in wishing a big happy birthday to our Nashville!




  1. So cute! This made me smile. Thanks for sharing all of these adorable pictures!

  2. He is so cute. They grow up so fast :)


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