Recipe: Chocolate PB Cup Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today, on this beautiful, sun finally peeking out from behind the clouds filled Thursday, I have something super delicious to share with you. Remember when I made those chocolate chip oreo cookies? These are sort of like that. Except better, or at the very least, equally as good but less fattening. Last weekend, I made chocolate peanut butter cup chocolate chip cookies - but since that's a bit of a mouthful, from here on out, you can just call them ... the incredibly yummy cookies. Here, unlike with the oreo version, the flavoring of the inner treat, here peanut butter, soaks into and fills throughout the entire cookie. And it is to. die. for. I promise.


All you need to make this are 2 things: cookie dough and mini peanut butter cups.

I know, I know. Who uses store bought cookie dough? I'm going to tell you a secret - sometimes, I do. Store bought cookie dough is always the perfect consistency, and frankly, it's a lot less time consuming. And since I did a lot of cooking last weekend, I figured I'd let myself make these the easy way. Anyway...

Take your peanut butter cups and cut them each in half. Using fulls, not halfs, is a nice idea, but in practice it will give you a very funny looking cookie that doesn't allow for the same flavoring cutting them in half does. (I have no idea why this is, but I tried it both ways and cutting them in half tastes much better.)

Then take a small piece of dough and flatten a small piece in your hand; then place a half mini peanut butter on top of that, wrap it up and around, and cover with another small piece of flattened dough.

When you put the top "layer" on, make sure to only use enough to cover the top, otherwise your cookie to peanut butter cup ratio will be too great. Then, bake the cookies as directed (for me this was for 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees). 

When done, remove and cool on wire racks. Once the cookies have cooled, enjoy! 

See? Incredibly yummy cookies. And, like I said, they really do taste like a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie all the way through, with a little bit of gooey peanut butter in the center. You can enjoy these as they are, dipped in a glass of milk, or heated up in the microwave for 15-20 seconds before eating.

Have you made any yummy treats lately? Do you love chocolate and peanut butter together as much as I do? 




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