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Since I never finished showing you picture tours of our current apartment and now we're searching for a new one, I thought it would be best to finally finish showing you where we've called home for the past 11 months! While this apartment was absolutely wonderful to us as our first home together, some of it was not completely decorated - mainly our second bedroom, but some other areas as well. We also didn't hang curtains where we should have and learned quickly that Nash loved to eat pillows, so we couldn't keep them on the couch. Additionally, we have quite a few pictures and pieces of art that need to be hung, but once we decided to move, it didn't seem necessary to put them up now, so we'll do in our next home. And now, without further ado, here is a brief tour of our home.

First up, the master bedroom with closet and bathroom. In case you're wondering, yes, Nash was very helpful in the photographing of our apartment - you'll see him pop up in a few places. Josh and I do have a small collection of stuffed animals. I bought him one when we first started dating (a polar bear - not seen below - named Jack in honor of Lost) and since then, we've picked up a few more together.

Here are a few shots of our hallways - leading into the bedroom and the kitchen, to the living room, and from the second bedroom.

Our kitchen overlooks the living room and these are just a few shots. Our fridge is a huge mecca of information in our home - complete with wedding invites and save-the-dates, Nash's diploma's from obedience school, a calendar (dachshund, of course!) and the word magnets - Genius edition. For the record, we don't know what half of the words mean, but as far we're concerned, that makes them even more fun.

Here is our living room and dining "nook," the areas where we spend most of our time in the apartment. On most nights, you can find Josh and I sitting on the couch, computers in our laps, with Nash nestled between us. Or sometimes Nash will be running around in circles barking at us while we're trying to watch one of our DVR'd shows (True Blood, anyone?). When we move, I plan on darkening up the couch's legs (c/o John and Sherry @ Young House Love) and we'll likely be craigslisting our dining table (any takers?). Also, you'll notice that Nash blends in quite well with the couch and loves to use the edge to look out the window.

Finally, we have our guest bathroom and second bedroom below. Do you follow Nash on Twitter? If you do, you'll know his Twitter handle is @eatingbathmats. There's a reason for that, as evidenced below, and this is the second bathmat for this bathroom. The picture above the toilet is an upside down map (your eyes are not deceiving you) and I was given it when I left work from my last Outback Steakhouse in Colorado. It's a wonderful memento of Outback and Colorado. We didn't do too much to the second bedroom, but it did come in handy for football Sundays and being able to watch more than one game at a time. Well, it worked out for Josh. I usually spent this time crafting in the other room. That's what I call a win/win situation.

I am very much looking forward to our next apartment and creating a home there. Josh and I plan to take full advantage and hang pictures and curtains, paint where we can, and fully enjoy all of the space. I hope you liked the tour of our current home - I can't wait to show you our next one!




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