Happy {July} Weekend!

Happy Friday, everyone! This week seemed to drag on, yet suddenly - it's Friday again! I could not be looking forward to this weekend any more!


I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned! Josh and I will be looking at more apartments, playing golf (Josh) and working on some summer projects (me). It's supposed to be a super hot weekend here in the Northeast, so as we prepare to welcome in July, we'll be keeping as cool as we can. If you have a few moments, here are some of my favorites from around the internet this week...

This incredibly insightful jarred pasta taste test

As we get ready to move, I'm soaking up all the small space decorating ideas I can

Little acts of kindness and generosity will boost your relationships

Beautiful pillows to lust after (since I can't have any because of a certain puppy who eats them)

Enjoy a happy {July}weekend!




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