Happy Birthday, Phyllis!

Good Morning! Happy Friday and Happy June! And also, a very Happy (1 day early) Birthday to my wonderful Stepmother, Phyllis!

Phyllis and Me, Faneuil Hall, Summer 2011
The first time we met, on Fire Island 15 years ago this June, I was in awe of the cool friend that my Dad had just introduced us to. Later on that summer, when it was clear that you and Dad were more than friends, I knew that Jonathan and I had gotten lucky in the future Stepmom department. Over the past 15 years, you have been more than just someone important to my Dad - you have become an important presence in my own life as well. My "coming-of-age" years, if you will, were not always easy, but you handled them with more grace and love than one could have ever expected, always treating me as though I am truly your own daughter.

From seeing Rent for the first time with me to teaching me to knit, shared paperback novels and hanging out with Tina Fey, I am so lucky to call you my Stepmother. You tolerate my (giant, sometimes ridiculous) fear of bugs, have pulled the worst splinters from my foot and have shared with me the recipe for the world's best salad dressing (even if I can never remember exactly how to do it), and for all of this I am forever grateful.

Thank you so much for everything you do and everything you are. I am so happy to call you my Stepmom, and I hope you have your most wonderful birthday yet. I love you.




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