Happy Birthday, Aunt Joan!

Today, I am interrupting the regularly scheduled Sunday Drive to bring you a birthday message to one of my favorite people.

I have been incredibly blessed my entire life, as I not only have my mother and my stepmother to act as strong female influences in my life, but I am lucky enough to also have a third incredible woman in my life, my Aunt Joan.

Aunt Joan and Me at Passover 2012 in Long Island

My Aunt, my godmother, my friend and one of my biggest fans - my Aunt Joan is everything to me and more. When I was little, her and my grandmother's telephone number was the first one I memorized, her house was my favorite for sleepovers and then, and still now 20 years later, we can talk for hours on end. Aunt Joan, you taught me how to smile for the camera, catalogued my life in pictures and instilled in me a deep love for the happiest place on earth. Without you, I wouldn't be able to keep the box score at baseball games, I wouldn't chew ice and I wouldn't be able to strike up a conversation with anyone at anytime. You tried to teach me not to golf when at bat in softball (although I never quite stopped doing it), taught me the importance of planned and coordinated outfits, and every year you bake the best matzoh brie in the world. 

My Bat Mitzvah, 1998 (& The Worst Picture of Me Ever)
High School Graduation, 2003
High School Graduation Party, 2003

I owe so much of who I am today to you and could not have dreamed of a better Aunt, more loving godmother, or better champion of my entire life. Thank you for supporting my every dream and for being my champion, every step of the way. Not only do you inspire me, but you continue to be an inspirational presence and joy to everyone that you meet. I hope this birthday is even more amazing than you have dreamed and that you have a wonderful day. Happy, happy birthday - I love you.




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