DIY: Summer Soiree Coasters

So, in case you haven't noticed, lately I've been all about getting ready for summer. One of my favorite seasons (next to Fall, because let's be serious, nothing beats Fall), I love the relaxing atmosphere and the dream filled days. I love that summer is all about effortlessness and letting things fall into place as they are. Today, I have a simply elegant DIY for you - the perfect coasters for your summer soiree.

I bought these tiles a little while ago, and I was trying to decide on the best way to turn them into coasters. After much deliberation, and a little bit of Pinspiration, I decided to create some fun designs with painter's tape. 

First, I primed all of the coasters, going over them twice for a more solid white look.

After the primer had dried, I taped off sections with painter's tape. I made the "dipped" golden coasters by taping off one half of each tile, and the silver patterned coasters by placing the painter's tape at random.

Then, I took them outside to be sprayed! 


After I waited a bit for them to dry to the touch, I brought them back inside, set them up in our second bedroom, and allowed them to complete their drying. After they were dry, I removed the painter's tape and I sprayed them with a clear acrylic coating. 

And now I have my new favorite summer coasters! I love the contrast and the hint of effortless and simple elegance. 

Do you have favorite summer entertaining accessories? Do you like the metallic look? And have you been up to any fun DIY entertaining projects these days? I'd love to hear about it!


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  1. Super cute!! And you're right... Fall is by far the best season (but summer is a close second)!

  2. I love the metallic color! Admitedly, my mind never goes to gold, but I am digging these. I would have to say my favorite summer accessory is the pitcher - I like to switch it up between bold colors and clear ones filled with different colorful fruits. It just brings more fun to the party! Thanks for the tutorial!


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