Weekend Dreaming

Do you dream about beautiful kitchens in beautiful houses? I know that I cannot be the only one. This gorgeous kitchen space, featured in Vogue, inspires dreams of relaxing dinners and enchanting conversations. It inspires me to make my weekend the best weekend possible, and to embrace everything that it has to offer and every journey that it allows.

from Vogue, via Belle Vivir
I am so looking forward to this upcoming long weekend, away from the office and the hustle and bustle of city life, to enjoy errands with Josh and soaking up every moment of time spent with him and Nash, and to spending some long overdue time with close friends. This weekend will be productive, relaxing, and everything that dream weekends are made of: love, laughs and adventure.

While you're enjoying your weekend (even though it may not be a long one), make sure to check out some of these great posts from this week courtesy of a few of my favorite blogs...

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And this delightful Circus Circus party theme from House of Earnest (Note: I might be obsessed with all circus themed things right now, due to my love of The Night Circus, this month's READ THIS! novel.)

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. You know, I don't often see kitchens that I like (crazy I know), but I do really like this one! It doesn't look like everything else in any way. It's light and airy, doesn't seem to be blindly following trends (unless you count the sink and the viking stove ... ), but really has a different look. It certainly looks european, doesn't it?

  2. @Cheltz

    Yes! I know exactly what you mean! European kitchens always have the best feel to them. I love it. :)

  3. Hi Sara,
    I found your blog via Elise's blog, and I just wanted to say that I hope you enjoy your wonderful long weekend.
    I love the table in that kitchen!
    Ronnie xo


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