My Favorite Holiday & A Most Delicious Chocolate Torte

This may seem like a less than popular holiday to you, but to me, Passover is the best holiday of the year. To me, Passover is the Jewish version of Thanksgiving and I love getting to spend time with my family and enjoy all  of the delicious food that my family makes. This year, Passover goes from tomorrow night, Friday, at sundown, until sundown next Saturday evening. The first 2 nights are the larger dinners, called Seders, and this year, Josh and I will be heading to his Grandmother's for the first Seder and to Long Island to spend the second Seder with my family. Last year, we did the reverse - spent the first night with my family and the second with his - and while I was with my family in New Jersey, I got to help my stepmother make an outstanding meal. I did learn some lessons in the process (please note: kosher meat is already heavily salted so you do not, I repeat, DO NOT, need to add any salt to any roasts) and got to make the most amazing chocolate torte you could ever imagine.

While I don't have complete step-by-step directions, I can direct you to the recipe at Epicurious, here, and urge you to make this recipe for your Seder tomorrow or Saturday night. Or, you could also make this recipe for Easter Sunday - no one would ever know that it is a kosher for Passover recipe. I followed the recipe exactly, except that I left out the raspberry sauce and chose to serve it with sliced strawberries instead.

Gathering Ingredients in the Kitchen
Melting the Chocolate
Preparing the Batter
Finished Product!
I am so excited for this weekend and to share a bunch of Passover recipes with you next week! Do you have any favorite holiday recipes? Any must makes when it comes to family holidays?



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