DIY: Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

One of my favorite things about Spring is all of the beautiful flowers (specifically the tulips and daffodils) that start popping up everywhere. From yellows and reds, to pinks and purples, Spring never disappoints when it comes to flowers. Last night, I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some fresh fruit (see? Passover = Healthy) and couldn't resist a stop by their flower stand. After just a few moments, I knew exactly what flowers I wanted and I couldn't wait to get home to arrange them!

Making this arrangement was super easy. First, I grabbed 2 mason jars, took off the tops, and removed the lid part, screwing the rest of the top back on. Then I filled each jar up about 3/4 of the way with water.

Then, I decided that since I had 10 tulips and 10 daffodils, I would put 5 of each into each jar. After separating them, I slowly worked my way through each tulip - first cutting it down (at an angle) and then clipping the larger side leaves that I had removed to later incorporate back into the arrangement. I also cut the daffodils down to size in a bunch (at an angle).

Finally, with my 3 piles of greens, I placed 5 tulips in my hand and wrapped them around the 5 daffodils. Then, I placed them into the mason jar, keeping them standing as I placed the clipped leaves around the inside of the vase. I did this to keep the daffodils and tulips and from sliding.

I absolutely love how these two arrangements came out and I placed one on our kitchen counter and another on my nightstand.

Are you loving the Spring flowers in bloom everywhere now too? Do you have any favorites? I just love the bright colors and how inexpensive flower shopping at the grocery store can be compared to the florist and I love how easy mason jars are to use to help add  pop of color to any room! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

PS. I am not, nor have ever been, a flower expert of any kind. Anything you see here is just what I like and what I've found works for me by trial and error over time. 



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