DIY: Map Coasters

Happy 2nd First Date Anniversary to me and Josh! In honor of how much Josh and I love maps, I decided to continue my coaster making adventures (see my other latest ones here) with an addition of map coasters to our home! 

Making these is so easy! First, gather up your supplies: 

cutting board
x-acto knife
mod podge
acrylic spray
gorilla glue

Then, measure out the tiles onto the maps, cutting a larger square area around each map section you want for your coasters. 

Using mod podge, adhere this sheet to the tile, and set aside to dry. Repeat this for each tile.

After all of the tiles have dried, turn each over and remove the excess paper with an x-acto knife. 

Then, turn the tile back over and put another coat of mod podge over the top of the map.

Once all of the tiles have dried, use acrylic spray to place a clear coating over each map.

When the tiles are dry, measure against a piece of cork and cut down to approximate size using the x-acto knife.

Adhere the cork to the tile using as much gorilla glue as necessary.

Set tiles aside to dry and fully adhere to the cork bottoms, placing a heavy object over the tiles if necessary.

After a the cork is fully secure, remove the excess cork around the base of each tile. And then, voila! You've made your own map coasters! 

I absolutely love this project - how easy it was and how much meaning such a simple project holds. Each map is from a place that we have been together and that holds a special meaning in our hearts. Have you made anything sentimental lately? Do you love adding this type of decor to your home as much as I do? I'd love to hear from you!

PS. Sorry for the spacing issues in today's post - I'm hoping to get that fixed later in the day! Also, please stop by this afternoon for my review of April READ THIS! book, and the introduction of next month's!




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