South Beach or Bust!

Last weekend, Josh and I looked over our calendars and we realized that if we didn't take a vacation ASAP, then it might not be until next September (at the earliest) before we could get away for longer than a weekend. And so, on very short notice, we have decided to take next week off from the real world and to head down to Miami to visit some family! We originally planned to take a similar trip in November but then we decided that we wanted to pick up our puppy as soon as possible, instead of waiting a few extra weeks, and the trip was put on hold. Flights to Miami were expensive, and so Josh and I decided that we wanted to make a fun trip out of it and road trip down to South Beach instead!

And so, tomorrow morning we will be dropping the puppy off with the dog sitter and heading down to Miami! We'll be going from this ...

... to this!

With stops along the way in historical Virginia, some sleepy beach towns and of course, the charming South - we are looking forward to spending time with both of our families - and getting to soak up the sun at the same time! We'll be in Southern Florida for just over 2 full days - enjoying Miami and the surrounding area - and if you have any favorite spots - we'd love for you to share them!

Don't worry though, I will still be posting throughout the week! We'll be stopping in with some highlights from our trip and I'll be sharing some more organization tips, an awesome DIY project for your bedroom, and more! And make sure to check back on Sunday for the next edition of Sunday Drives! 



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