Fifth Friday Favorites

Did you know that today is a Fifth Friday? This year, in 2012, you'll have today, and then one in June, one in August, and another one in November. With fifth Fridays being so rare and all (although, is 33% really rare?), I thought that this morning I would share with you my favorite things right now. And of course, I'll be sharing the top five with you since, after all, it is Fifth Friday.

Delicious Starbuck's Breakfast (Skinny Caramel Macchiatto & Banana Bread with Lowfat CC)
Although today is the last day, I have eaten at some delicious restaurants this year!
Reviews of Blue Inc., North 26 and Mija Cantina coming soon!
Josh and I finally started the 1st season last night, and we're hooked!
Thanks for another amazing show, AMC.
My new business cards and case! (And a little sneak peek of the new blog design!)
Tomorrow, I am officially heading back into the world of yoga!
It has been far too long since I last practiced, and I cannot wait to feel grounded again!
I am so excited for an amazing, inspired and relaxing weekend! While the weather likely won't be too great here in Boston, it will give me the perfect excuse to stay in, work on some projects and cook up a storm in the kitchen! We also cannot wait for the new Game of Thrones this weekend (I'm obsessed with the books), along with the start of the 2nd season of The Killing (we'll finish the 1st season before Sunday night) and the 2nd episode of this long awaited Mad Men season. Are you as excited about these shows as we are? And do you have an awesome weekend planned too? I hope you have a lovely fifth Friday and fantastic weekend!

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PS. I'll be back later today with March's READ THIS! Review and my book choice for the month of April!



  1. Cute business cards! I need to order some for myself... I'm just soooo lazy. Ugh.


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