Chalkboard Upgrade

When Josh and I first moved into our apartment, I created a chalkboard out of an old picture frame. While we both love that chalkboard, it just wasn't working in the space that we were keeping it in. So, a few weekends ago, I picked up a new version at IKEA.

And then, on one sunny Saturday afternoon, I put it together.

And just about 15 minutes later, we had a new chalkboard! Thank you, IKEA!

Then, I took down the old chalkboard ...

We're cheesy and have strange grocery lists.
... and hung up the new one!

Just a small upgrade, but one that has already made a HUGE difference. The chalk and mail holder that comes with the board have been a huge benefit. At some point, I may stain it a darker color, but for now, we're really happy with this small update.

Have you made any awesome updates lately? You know I love to hear about your projects too!



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