Blog Better Boston in Review

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Did you all have the most amazing weekend? I certainly did - mostly because I got to spend my Saturday with an incredible group at the Blog Better Boston Conference!

My Conference Nametag on top of my free Sox t-shirt!
I took many less pictures than I would have normally, but I was just so in awe of all the fantastic bloggers around me, that I wanted to soak up everything that they were saying, and that lead me to keep my camera in my bag for the most part. But, I do have a fun re-cap for you so that you can get a glimpse of how awesome it was and next year, you can come too!

Who: A group of approximately 150 bloggers in the Boston area - mostly women - all brilliant and so much fun to hang out with! The conference was created by Alana (of Good Girl Gone Blog) and Amy (of Stylish Year) - and they did a wonderful job! Amy and Alana were also able to get a fantastic group of speakers, including but not limited to: Lynzy Carey (of Sparkling Footsteps), Niri Jaganath (of Mommy Niri), Kate Bigam (of Suburban Sweetheart) and Lacey Rose (of Perks of Being a Jap).

Here I am with Erin and Gemana!
I also made some wonderful new friends whose blogs you should absolutely check out! These wonderful ladies include: Erin (of Reinventing Erin), Lindsay (of Fashionista's Travel), Germana (of Btch on Heels), Emily (of Emily Goes Nuts), Lindsay (of Lindsay's Look), Carley (of Finding Gravity) and Meaghan (of 2 Sisters 2 Cities).

Amazing cards!
I know that's a long list, but all of these bloggers - and so many others - were truly wonderful! I really do feel that I've made some fantastic friends - ones that I cannot wait to hang out with again!

What: The conference showcased a multitude of panels and workshops - I got to go to the Monetize Your Blog Panel, Working with Brands Panel, Blogging Basics Panel, Traffic & Community Panel and the Food Photography Workshop. I went old school and took a notebook and pen with me - filling up so many pages with great ideas and lessons. Over the next few weeks you'll likely be noticing some changes on the blog - you already know I'm in the midst of a blog re-design - and I cannot wait to put to work all of the great things I learned to make this blog even more amazing for each of you to read.

When: It lasted all day Saturday - from 9 to 5 - and then finished with a great after party at Think Tank in Cambridge. If you live in the area, I highly recommend their food and drinks! It's in the same building as the Friendly Toast, but around the other side and on the bottom level. They played great music and allowed the opportunity to hang out with some more bloggers!

Where: The Google Offices in Cambridge - an open space with ideal spots for panels, workshops and hanging out with brand new friends.

Overall, Saturday was even more amazing than I could have imagined! I feel honored to have been in the room with these phenomenal women and I am very much looking forward to seeing many of them again! I want to leave you with one last image - the contents of my Swag Bag!

This swag bag was amazing - and pretzel crisps are my new favorite snack! While, this re-cap really doesn't do the event justice, it was a great event and I was thrilled to be able to attend! Did you do anything super exciting this weekend? For those Mad Men fans out there, were you as excited as Josh and I were to finally see your favorites again? Hope you have a wonderful Monday and I'll see you back tomorrow for a week filled with yummy recipes and fun projects!



  1. Awesome recap m'dear! It was lovely meeting you, and I'll keep you posted, because we're planning a blogging get together in NH this summer!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the conference and especially the after party at Think Tank. Thanks for stopping by for a drink and some appetizers. Hopefully this is the start of many more BBBos events! Hope to see you at a Boston Bloggers event in the future. - Katy

  3. Glad you had fun and that you're enjoying your swag bag!!

  4. Great recap! We were sorry that we couldn't make the event, so I've loved seeing what we missed by checking out everyone's blogs! :)


    But I'm very excited for a shout out :) It was great to meet all of you!


  6. Loved the recap, Sara! I can't even tell you how much fun I had and how happy I was to hang out with you all day. Looking forward to seeing all the changes you put into the blog (although it is perfect already!)

  7. So great!! I can't wait to hang out with you again!!

  8. Look at all those business cards - you were a networking machine! So pleased you enjoyed yourself at the conference! - Amy

  9. It took me over a year to read this. Better late than never, right? Wish I had spent more time mingling but sadly parenting duties called. Fab recap!


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