84th Annual Academy Awards {Re-cap}

Is it really over? Tell me that I don't have to wait another 366 days for my favorite night of fashion, awards, and beautiful speeches to make you cry. Oh? That's just me? Well that's okay. As I mentioned here that's why Josh is the only one I'll watch the Oscars with. And it's a good thing he loves me so much, because he put up with watching the Oscars from about 3:30 in the afternoon until the Awards officially ended at 11:45 - and that's a lot of awards show television to put up with.

Although this was not my year prediction-wise (The Artist? How did I mis-read this situation?), I did predict a few good ones (Actress/Director/SupportingActress) and I tied with Josh in our mini-Oscars challenge. Our favorite speech of the night was, without any doubt, Octavia Spencer's after she won her much deserved Oscar for The Help. A phenomenal film - one that probably should have won for Best Picture - The Help would not have been what it was without Octavia Spencer's wonderful portrayal of Minnie. Spencer wore a beautiful gown (and made it on my best dressed list below!) and gave a speech that brought many tears to my eyes.

Our favorite other moments of the night? This question is too easy. It is a tie between two presenting duos, Ben Stiller and Emma Stone and Robert Downey, Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. Billy Crystal was funny, other presenters were good, some were just okay - but the Ben/Emma duo and the Robert/Gwyneth duo made both Josh and I laugh out loud.

"I tested it - plural titles are out this year." Haha, brilliant! And speaking of brilliant, last night's fashion was stellar. Here are the 5 women that I think truly wowed on the red carpet...

5. Emma Stone

4. Viola Davis

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

2. Octavia Spencer

1. Penelope Cruz

Really, all of the dresses were gorgeous. In fact, most of this year's Academy Awards were stunning and well-done. The only moments of the night that I would have changed would be when Sasha Baron Cohen decided act like a fool and pour bisquick all over Ryan Seacrest (really just a bit absurd) and Angelina Jolie presenting (that dress? that leg? that pose?). Otherwise, I really do think that the Academy presented a wonderful show this year.

Josh and I had a fantastic weekend all around - took pictures with Nash at our local Petco on Saturday and enjoyed brunch out on Sunday - and I got the chance to work on a ton of projects that I cannot wait to share with you in the upcoming weeks! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and that you're not struggling to stay awake too much! Anyone else want to petition the Academy to start the awards at least an hour earlier? Yea, me too! Happy Monday!



  1. Um, we're the exact same person re: last night's Oscars. Same favorite dresses, same favorite presenters, same awkward/horrible moments (Sasha and Angelina) AND I also was lamenting last night that the Oscars should start and hour earlier! The only person I would add to the best dressed list is Michelle Williams. Love your recap! When can we expect to see the pics of you guys with Nash? :)


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