Week 2: 30 Days to Skinny... The Tasty Way!

Good Afternoon my soon to be skinny readers! Have you been keeping up with the challenge I presented to you all (and also, to myself) last Tuesday? Here were last week's recipes:

Tuesday, Nov. 1: Sesame Encrusted Baked Chicken Tenders
Wednesday, Nov. 2: Prosciutto, Arugula and Balsalmic Sandwich
Thursday, Nov. 3: Roasted Potatoes, Chicken Sausage and Peppers
Friday, Nov. 4: Chicken Rollatini with Spinach alla Parmigiana
Saturday, Nov. 5: Baked Garlic Lemon Tilapia
Sunday, Nov. 6: Pollo in Potacchio

This weekend got a bit crazy as I hosted a brunch at my house on Sunday and on Saturday Josh and I ate a big lunch and I was barely hungry for dinner, so I did not meet my challenge for Saturday and Sunday. Don't worry, my dear readers - I will be making them this week in addition to my other recipes and so you will see some fun pairings over the next week. But, the unanimous winner of the first 4 meals, without any doubt, is:

Mmm... So tasty!
They were phenomenal!!! Josh doesn't love sesame, so I altered his a bit and added more pank and less sesame and I served them with Trader Joe's organic rice and some fresh broccoli. The meal was delicious and absolutely filling! Second place was the Chicken Rollatini with Spinach alla Parmigiana which was definitely a close second. I halved the recipe, however, and I added a splash of olive oil to the ricotta mix, replaced the spinach with a mix of italian spices (basil, oregano, parsely and a dash of marjoram) because spinach isn't really our thing. Sorry, Popeye. Josh wasn't a huge fan of the Roasted Potatoes, Chicken Sausage and Peppers but I liked it and have been enjoying the leftovers. We eat a lot of chicken sausage with pasta and I think we'll probably stick with that in the future (using whole wheat pasta, of course). Josh didn't eat the Prosciutto, Arugula and Balsalmic Sandwich, but I gave it two thumbs up!

And now, without further ado, Week 2 of the 30 Days to Skinny... The Tasty Way! Challenge, inspired by the talented Gina Homolka at Skinnytaste.

Monday, Nov. 7: Pepper Steak
Tuesday, Nov. 8: Skinny Chicken Enchiladas
Wednesday, Nov. 9: Baked Skinny Fries with Garlic Aioli (and the Baked Lemon Garlic Tilapia from last week!)
Thursday, Nov. 10: Steak and Cheese Sandwiches with Onions and Mushrooms
Friday, Nov. 11: Chicken Divan, Lightened Up
Saturday, Nov. 12: Hash Brown Egg White Nests (and the Pollo in Potacchio from last week!)
Sunday, Nov. 13: Crock Pot Sante Fe Chicken

I am super excited for this week and all of the delicious recipes coming up! I also think this week has a ton of diverse recipes and I'm looking forward to trying each and every one of them! How'd you do for your first week? Did the weekend get the best of you also? If you have a favorite from last week too, I'd love to hear it! Enjoy the rest of your Monday and I'll see you tomorrow!



  1. Can't wait to hear what your favorite is!

  2. Hi Sara, I saw your post on skinnytaste, and decided to do the challenge! Lovin it!
    Day 1 I made Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets with pasta and steamed green beans.
    Day 2 Pork Chops with apple sauce, baked potato and peas. Love this.. would like to post my pics on skinnytaste's facebook... but not sure why it will not allow me to post! Enjoy your day! Shawn

  3. Hello, I saw this challenge.. and it was perfect timing! Having a blast. I am on day two.
    Day 1, Healthy Chicken Nuggets, pasta and steamed green beans.
    Day 2, Pork Chops with applesauce, baked potato and peas.
    I am having so much fun doing this challenge. I enjoy cooking, and am a coach in the healthy and wellness industry. I look forward to reading your blog!!


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