Thank You Cards {Thankful Thursday}

When I was younger, and my mother would tell me to write a thank you note after I received a gift from someone, I always dragged my feet. Didn’t the person who gave me the gift already know I was thankful? They gave me something I wanted, I said thank you to them when I received it, for what reason would I possibly have to have to thank them again? But my mother told me to write them, so I wrote the mandatory notes quickly and then moved on. Then, for a brief period of time in college, I stopped writing them altogether. There a came a time, however, where I decided that there was in fact a very good reason to write a thank you note. You can never be too thankful or too gracious and no one ever tires of being thanked for their gift giving. Whether electronically or by hand, sending a thank you note lets the gift giver know that their gift was valued and that it means something to you. I was recently reminded of this as I wrote out thank you notes for gifts that I received for my birthday and as I spoke to my newly married friend Beth about the thank you notes that she’s writing now.

I love being able to put my thanks for something into words to the person who gave it to me. And it felt good to write a letter to my grandmother to put into written words how much her gift, and her presence in my life, mean to me. At some point, most likely when I get married one day, I will invest in personalized notecards. However, now I tend to pick up new cards all of the time so that I have a wide variety to choose from. This time, I chose this card from the Hallmark Stationary series:

I thought the colors and the dragonfly design were beautiful and there was more than enough room on the inside to display my individual messages to my friends and family. And it felt so good to write my words of thanks. I have an incredible family, and they are wonderfully generous, and I am so lucky to have them in my life.

Do you write thank you notes? Or do you find them tedious, just another thing to add to your to-do list? If you do, try not to think of them as a burden, but as a way that you’re able to brighten someone’s day by sending them a sweet note. 



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