Sunrise Inspiration {Thankful Thursday}

Good Morning!

Some of my favorite mornings are those where I get to see the sunrise. I woke up this morning to head to the gym (I try, but do not always make it to the gym Monday through Friday mornings) and decided to workout at home instead. I glanced out the window as I was pulling out my workout stuff from the closet and this is what I saw:

sunrise over part of our apartment complex
Beautiful! Now, the sun is almost fully up and the whole sky has been filled with light. Mornings like this, and sunrises like these, make me feel as though I can tackle anything. Today, I will slow down and take the time to take in everything around me. Today, I will approach things with positivity. Today, I will enjoy the little things in life. Today, I will be full of smiles and I will appreciate each moment.

By Thursday, so many of us are already thinking to the weekend ahead, overcome with planning and trying to cram a week's worth of activities into two days, that we tend to try to push through our days as fast as possible. In doing this,  we do not always take time to slow down and focus on the things happening to us now. I am as guilty of this as anyone (especially knowing that I have a three-day weekend coming up) but when things seem like they're blurring past because so much is going on, I urge you to stop, take a moment, and just breathe. Be thankful that you are able to be where you are, surrounded by wonderful people and even for the fact that you are able to be so busy that you have to remind yourself to breathe. And for those of you that find yourself in moments where you're looking at the clock, wondering how it could possibly be moving so slowly, step back and appreciate the joy in waiting for something else to come.

Today, I ask every of you to take time to enjoy all that you have in front of you - most of all, the things that you typically tend to just breeze past without taking time to acknowledge. I hope each one of you has a wonderful day and that the little things prove to be the most joyous part of your day. To start off this thankful Thursday, I'm going to make myself a bowl of cereal and look out of my window over the bay and be thankful that I live in this beautiful place with the most wonderful man. How are you going to begin your day of being thankful? Is there anything specific that you are thankful for this morning? Anyone out there always wake up super early every morning but somehow miss the sunrise most mornings?

PS. RIP Steve Jobs. I am certainly thankful for you and everything you contributed to this world.



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you come back and visit again! :) How funny about the cabinets being similar! I guess they are standard apartment cabinets- are yours different colors because ours surely are!
    Enjoy your new blog! Sounds like you have some great ideas in the pipeline.


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