Introducing Nashville {Thankful Thursday}

Josh and I have some incredibly exciting news to share with you! We have added a new member to our family! Only with us since last night, we would like to introduce to you our new puppy, Nashville!
Nash, taking his first steps in his new home!
Nashville, Nash for short, is a mini-dachshund puppy from a wonderful breeder, ShirlsWhispering Winds, in Westminster, MA. Josh and I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our puppy since last Spring! We originally found the breeder and placed our deposit in April, thinking that our puppy would be born at the end of May and we would have him even before we moved into our new apartment. But, we wanted a black and tan, smooth male and none were born in the May litters. So, we waited for the next round of litters and on August 31, 2011, Nash was born!

Why Nash, you ask? Shortly after Josh and I met, we’re talking less than a month, we took a wonderful road trip to Alabama and Mississippi, stopping in Nashville along the way. This trip brought us closer together and, we like to say, is when we fell in love. And so, it was clear to us that there was no better name choice than Nash. (We’re a little sentimental and a lot in love, so we don’t mind that sometimes we get a little cheesy.)

We picked him up last night after I got out of work and brought him to his new home! I took today and tomorrow off from work to spend enjoying his company and helping him get accustomed to his new home! Today, I am thankful that Josh and I have one another and that we are able to welcome this handsome ball of energy into our lives. He is incredibly cute, so much fun and, we can already tell, definitely super smart! Today, enjoy these new pictures while Josh and I enjoy the time we have with our wonderful new puppy!

Sniffing his way around...
Crawling over Josh
The cutest!
Playing in his puppy bed with his new toy!
Nash likes the Kong ball
Tentative steps...
Learning how to pick it up
His toy is as big as he is!
Nibbling on his Kong ball!
Happy Thursday everyone! 



  1. He's adorable! Congrats, doggy mama! Love the name Nash too, and the story behind it is very sweet :)

  2. He is so cute...and I love his doggie blanket! All the best w/him. :)

  3. very cute sara. can't wait to meet him. =)


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