Happy Halloween!

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Josh and I live in an apartment. In an apartment building. In an apartment complex. Do you know where I’m going with this? We are renters. In a large community of other renters and, as such, cannot plant a garden, or make drastic renovations to our space or put up wacky Halloween decorations inviting trick-or-treaters to our door. (Note: We may not actually even get trick-or-treaters, which is sad, but we bought candy anyway.) What we can do, however, is make our inside space a little spooky - so that is what I did.

And I even added some Fall themed decor with that vase (the one behind the skull) of pine cones and gourds!

To get us even more into the Fall/Halloween spirit, I also finally used the remaining apples from our apple picking to make apple cider! Josh loved the apple cider so much that it was gone in days and he kept asking if it was easy to make. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be making more pretty soon. But that’s okay, because it was super easy! All you need are apples, a food processor (or blender), and some cheesecloth.

First, cut the apples into 4 quarters and then cut out the core.

Then, slice each quarter into 2 or 3 slices (depending on your apple size) and place the slices into the food processor. I found that I could fit about 3 apples into the food processor at a time.

After you have turned the apples into mush using the processor, place the apple mush into the cheesecloth (placed over a bowl) and strain.

And voila! You have apple cider! 1 used about 20-22 apples and got about ¾ of a gallon from them. It tastes like fresh apples and we couldn’t get enough! Josh even thought it was better than the apple cider we bought when we went apple picking.


Have any of you made apple cider? Or apple juice? Have you decorated your small (or big) living space for Halloween? Either way, I hope you have wonderfully eerie and spook-filled Halloween!



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