Cupcake Lessons & Happy Accidents

Last weekend I learned two very important lessons:
1. Always read the instructions of a recipe all the way through before going to the store to buy ingredients*; and,
2. Organic Canned Pumpkin Pie Mix is NOT the same as mixing canned pumpkin with pumpkin pie spice.
Not knowing these lessons created a very interesting pumpkin cupcake using this recipe from Gina at SkinnyTaste. While the cupcake looks like a normal cupcake, I assure you that it didn't taste like one.
I decided to up the ante and see if it was any better warmed up with vanilla ice cream...
Oh yes. Much, much better. The crumble of the pumpkin cupcake with vanilla ice cream and some dark chocolate chips turned out to be delicious and still, using fat free frozen yogurt, under 200 calories! Mmm... I guess some accidents are happy ones!
*Especially if those recipes involve an asterisk.



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